ROLICURE® Brand Protection

Optical security elements for trademark protection
With its ROLICURE® range, Rolic offers customers seeking to achieve a high recognition value for their products the assurance that imitations and counterfeits can clearly be identified as such. Rolic offers a tailor-made, price-optimized solution incorporating security elements that can be apparent or covert. These can be supplied in a customer-specific design such as labels, continuous security threads or as an integrated patch, with optional tamper-evident and/or transparent elements.

Specific features

  • Sharp, clearly defined silver-dark polarity reversal (without rainbow effect)
  • Positive-negative switch (contrast reversal) identifiable by turning the element or changing the viewing angle
  • Customer-specific, high-resolution motifs are possible
  • Optical effect is obvious at all times with a wide viewing angle
  • Remains bright with a transparent and reflective design, even under poor lighting
  • Can be verified with the naked eye, without any need for explanation or technical aids
  • Image and polarity reversal cannot be scanned or copied
  • Individualized identification (track and trace, continuous numbering) possible